There are some parents who use smartphones as a distraction while feeding their kids. There are some who use it as a tool to keep the kid occupied while they finish their chores. And as the kid grow these are the same parents that complain that their kid is addicted to smartphones and gadgets. The problem starts early – the moment you start introducing your toddler to smartphones. Kids that young do not have to be exposed to gadgets. In fact, avoiding screen time until the kid reaches his preschool-age would slow down the process and also prevent the kid from being addicted to tech in the future. There are plenty of ways in which toddlers can be entertained without using your smartphone.

The simplest of things can give hours of entertainment

The truth is that only when you start keenly observing would you realize that it is actually very easy to entertain toddlers. You do not even have to buy expensive toys to keep them entertained. Something as simple as a carton or an egg tray can be converted to a fun activity that can keep the kid occupied for hours.

Challenging toys

Find age-appropriate toys, and understand your child’s skills. This would help you find toys that are challenging, ones that can stimulate your toddler’s brain. For insights into the best toys based on the kid’s age go to Star walk kids website.

Involve the child in household chores

Toddlers love to roam behind their parents and imitate their activities. There are plenty of simple household chores that kids can be involved in. This can create a lot of mess but it also ends up creating a lot of fun memories.

Take the kid out to watch butterflies

Go for a walk with your kids and stand and stare at the flowers or run behind butterflies. Getting them out in the sun can also be beneficial for their growth and physical development. …

If you plan it right and are little creative, you don’t have to always stick to eating pasta or rice every night.  You can easily make a good meal out of seafood even if you are running on a tight budget. Below mentioned are a few tips that will help you save money when you plan to buy seafood.

Go for fishing with a friend or family member– You could go along with a friend who loves fishing to catch some fish on your own. Just carry along basic fishing gear and enjoy the experience. Check out reels on online site so that you can buy them at best price.  

Choose white varieties- Whenever you buy seafood you can opt for white, flaky varieties of fish such as pollock, whiting, etc as it comes at a low price and at the same time offer great seafood flavor. Also, you can opt for mackerel, instead of tuna as mackerel is cheaper. Mackerel is also loaded with vitamins and minerals and it is a good seafood option.

Opt for frozen fish- Once in a while, you can choose frozen fish to enjoy seafood. It will cost very much less compared to fresh.  You can choose from frozen calms, shrimps, salmon, etc and the quality will be always great.

Don’t throw away the leftovers- You could save the leftovers of seafood and turn them into crispy cakes. You could add these crispy cakes to pasta or curry or toss it over your rice. There are many recipes you could find online which shows you different ways to use the leftover seafood.

Buy from a wholesaler- You could buy large quantities from the wholesaler and stock up your freezer. Whenever you buy in bulk, the price would be very less and you could use the stock for a long time.…

Your wardrobe must be loaded with different kinds of clothes, but sadly, there would be many things in it you would have not even worn once or ultimately will end up in the reject pile. Hence you should not make the same mistake of buying things you don’t need. Listed below are a few essentials that men and women should have in the wardrobe. 


•    White t-shirt- A white-shirt that could be paired with jeans, chinos or a Capri is a must-have in the closet for a casual day outing.

•    Comfortable denim- Well-fitting denim that you are comfortable wearing the whole day is another essential in the list.

•    Blazer- A sharp blazer that can carry off an official look or for evening gatherings is a great choice.

•    Bathrobe- A luxurious bathrobe when you come out of bath which makes your skin feel good is a necessity. You could buy a comfortable Bathrobe on topbathrobe.

•    Black dress- You should have a little black dress for a romantic evening with your partner or a girl’s night out.

•    Pencil skirt- This gives an elegant look and can be worn either at the office or for a casual brunch.

•    One statement heel for a fun night.

•    Scarf – An accessory that can complement any outfit.

•    Summer dress – A must have for a humid hot day.

•    Ballet flat – These shoes will go with most of the costumes.

For men

•    Well – Tailored suit to make an impression

•    Leather belt to compliment the trouser

•    Brown and black shoes for a sharp official look

•    Sports jacket for a fun day

•    Comfortable denim for all occasions

•    White t-shirt for a casual day outing

•    Well fitting trousers for an elegant office look

•    A beautiful watch that matches all outfit

•    Cologne to give you a fresh feel

•    Pair of sunglass for a stylish look …