Your wardrobe must be loaded with different kinds of clothes, but sadly, there would be many things in it you would have not even worn once or ultimately will end up in the reject pile. Hence you should not make the same mistake of buying things you don’t need. Listed below are a few essentials that men and women should have in the wardrobe. 


•    White t-shirt- A white-shirt that could be paired with jeans, chinos or a Capri is a must-have in the closet for a casual day outing.

•    Comfortable denim- Well-fitting denim that you are comfortable wearing the whole day is another essential in the list.

•    Blazer- A sharp blazer that can carry off an official look or for evening gatherings is a great choice.

•    Bathrobe- A luxurious bathrobe when you come out of bath which makes your skin feel good is a necessity. You could buy a comfortable Bathrobe on topbathrobe.

•    Black dress- You should have a little black dress for a romantic evening with your partner or a girl’s night out.

•    Pencil skirt- This gives an elegant look and can be worn either at the office or for a casual brunch.

•    One statement heel for a fun night.

•    Scarf – An accessory that can complement any outfit.

•    Summer dress – A must have for a humid hot day.

•    Ballet flat – These shoes will go with most of the costumes.

For men

•    Well – Tailored suit to make an impression

•    Leather belt to compliment the trouser

•    Brown and black shoes for a sharp official look

•    Sports jacket for a fun day

•    Comfortable denim for all occasions

•    White t-shirt for a casual day outing

•    Well fitting trousers for an elegant office look

•    A beautiful watch that matches all outfit

•    Cologne to give you a fresh feel

•    Pair of sunglass for a stylish look …